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CARS in Ciudad Real
Day 1 03.11.2013
Our trip to Ciudad Real
On Sunday  3rd November we flew to Madrid. At the airport we met the Italian CARS-group and went on a little bus sightseeing tour of Madrid. After we had visited the city we had dinner at the Plaza Mayor. Madrid was very beautiful at night with all the illuminated buildings.  Finally at 10 pm the bus took us to the hotel in Ciudad Real.  We arrived at 1 o’clock at night so all of us were very tired. It was a very busy first day.
Daniela Lipovaca & Nadja Linz
Day 2:  04.11.2013
Day of Presentations
At 8 am we went to our partner school IES Berenguela de Castilla by bus. The Spanish group welcomed us and we met the complete Comenius-CARS group from the Netherlands, Spain and Sicily. After that they took us on a tour of the school. Then all the groups held their presentations in the library. In the afternoon we visited the town of Bolaños. Finally we had some dinner because we were very hungry. The last activity of that day was an excursion  to the theatre in Almagro. It has been beautifully restored and reminded us of the Globe Theatre in London.
But the most interesting thing for us was to visit the Spanish school, meeting  all the students from our partner countries.
Daniela Lipovaca & Nadja Linz
Day 3:  05.11.2013
Wednesday was nice and warm, when we visited one of the important historic cities of Spain: Toledo. Before we entered the city we passed through the city gate Puerta de Bisagra. That gate was the main entrance to the city in the 16th century. A Spanish guide with the American accent showed us places where the three big religions met in the past; one of them was a synagogue which was built in the Moorish style and used as a church later after the Reconquista. Today it’s a museum.We walked across the bridge Puente de San Martín from the late 14th century.  We visited the cathedral of Toledo which is one of the three 13th-century High Gothic cathedrals in Spain. We saw the place where lots of handcuffs were hanging on the wall and we were told that the Christian slaves hung them there after the city was freed from the moors as sign of victory and they are hanging there for 500 years now. For me Toledo was a beautiful city packed full with history and it`s worth visiting.
Day 4:  06.11.2013
On Wednesday in the morning we went to Granada by coach. Next to the motorway we saw thousands of olive trees. When we arrived in Granada we students explored the modern city centre and went shopping there. After that we were guided up a mountain to the famous Arabic castle : the Alhambra. It was very sophisticated.
The Arabic sultans had the Alhambra built just like they imagined paradise, with lots of running water, shady places and beautiful gardens. The tour of this monument, which belongs to world cultural heritage, lasted for 2 and a half hours.
 In the evening we went home and we stopped at petrol station to have dinner.
Johannes Kirsch
Day 5: 07.11.2013
Visit to the Higher Technical School of Industrial Engineering
(Castilla la Mancha University)
Our partner school in Spain wanted to show us a practical project about a self-made car, so on Thursday at 10 o’clock we went to visit the Higher Technical School of Industrial Engineering, which is part of the Castilla la Mancha University. The professor and two of the students involved  gave a presentation on a racing car designed and built by students. It was interesting to see what students can develop. After the visit we had some time to ourselves, so  we went shopping to Ciudad Real. In the evening all the students and teachers involved in the project met for a farewell dinner at a hotel restaurant. The dinner at the restaurant was simply delicious.
Daniela Lipovaca & Nadja Linz
Day 5: 07.11.2013
Campo de Criptana
In the morning the CARS group (without the Italians) made a trip to Campo de Criptana in the middle of La Mancha. At first we visited the famous wind mills on the hill. It was pretty windy, so we understood why the mills were built exactly there. This is also the place where Cervantes’ famous novel Don Quixote is set. After we had explored how the wind mills  work we went down into town. We were guided around a winery with huge tanks and caskets full of wine.  
Johannes Kirsch
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