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COMENIUS CARS - Our Visit to Catania

18th November to 24th November 2012

Our group flew in from Cologne via Munich and arrived in Catania in the late afternoon on Sunday 23rd. The Italian teachers picked us up at the airport and drove us to the hotel in the city centre.

Monday 19th November

At nine a clock the Italian teachers drove us from the hotel to the school. There we met all students from the other countries - from the Netherlands, Spain and Italy. All in all we were over 30 pupils.

After a short speech of the principal we made a tour of the school. At the first we went to a media room where we watched a video show which the Italian students had made to present their college. Then we went to the science room where various experiments were presented, e.g. dying wool with natural products like onions or red cabbages. The next item was a presentation of little electronic robots programmed by the students in their classes.

In a little break we had the chance to exchange information with the other international pupils.

Then we started with our presentations. We were the first group and the Dutch the second group to present what they found out about the history of cars.

After the presentation we had lunch organized by the school kiosk. We were seated around the tables with one person from each country. After that we played hide and seek in the school building to get to know each other. Then we chose the best COMENIUS CARS-logo which the students had designed. One of the Italian logos was the best.
The German CARS students

Tuesday 20th November 2012

On Tuesday morning we started the trip to Taormina at 9:00 am. Taormina is one of the best known sights in Sicily.  First the bus took us to a car park below Taormina, then we went up to the beautifully situated town in a small bus. Next we walked through the town until we came to an expensive hotel, the “Grand Hotel Timeo”.

After that we went on to see the antique theatre “Teatro Greco”. It’s the second largest antique theatre of Sicily, 5400 people can sit there and the theatre is 120m long, 50m wide and 20m high. In the ancient past there were plays and in Roman times also gladiator- and animal fights.

On top of the theatre ranks we had a great view over the east coast of Sicily.
After an hour we walked down again to the city, there we saw the nice narrow alleys, places and statues of Taormina. After that everyone had free time and ate lunch in one of the cafes or restaurants.

Our next stop was the gravel beach. The German and the Dutch group went swimming and had a lot of fun, the Italian and the Spanish group thought it was too cold. But summing up we all had a nice day and drove back to our hotel.

Wednesday 21st November 2012 – Coach Trip to Etna

On Wednesday we went to the volcano Etna. At 9am in the morning we met the other project students and got on a bus. After a one-hour bus ride we arrived at the visitors´ centre on the Etna.

Our whole group started a walk up to a visitor´s platform. We could not see much because of the fog. However, we stepped on to the rim of former craters and on lava heaps. Then we went to visit a lava cave.

Our group was divided into three small groups to go into the cave. Each group got safety equipment, a helmet and a head light. One of the Italian teachers guided us through the cave and explained how the cave developed after an eruption.

Then we had a late but delicious lunch a small town - organized by the Italian teachers and students. We ate typical things from Catania, for example rice-meat balls and Cannoli.

Cannoli is a delicious dessert. It is a pastry with a creamy and sweet filling.

Thursday 22nd November 

Thursday was a culture day. On Thursday we visited the historic centre of Catania. We were shown the old Palazzo of Catania, where we had a guided tour, and we had a look in the  Roman thermal bath.

Later we visited the famous daily fish- and food market with a lot of dead fish and some which were alive. There were vegetables, chickens and pigs, as well.

Then the whole group went to a restaurant. The main course was very good horse-meat. In the afternoon the Germans walked to the stony beach near the city and swam in the “warm” sea.
The complete group in front of the Palazzo

Friday, 23rd November 2012

On Friday morning the group went to the official sand beach of Catania. At a quarter to 9am the Italian teachers picked us up again. It was a rather sunny day, the temperature was ok and the water was very clear. We relaxed on the beach, listened to some music and had Nutella-sandwiches which the Italian teachers made for us.
We had a free afternoon on that day. We spent it jogging with our teacher and shopping for souvenirs.

In the evening the CARS group had the so-called last dinner together. We all had enjoyed our stay in Sicily and said good-bye.
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